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Croeso i Dosbarth Jiraffi!


Welcome to our class website page! Thank you for visiting us!

You will find lots of useful information here, as well as being able to follow some of our amazing learning adventures. 

We are now really settling in to Giraffe life and understanding what is expected of us. We are having fun collaborating with each other, but also working independently when needed.


Useful Information:


During the Spring Term 2022, our PE day will be a TUESDAY.


Reading Books:

The children should ensure their reading bags are brought to school every MONDAY to give us plenty of opportunities to listen to them read. Books will be changed once the children have completed each book. Books will be returned to the children on a FRIDAY. This ensures that we are complying with COVID rules. In addition to individual reading, each group will receive a guided reading session at least once per week.



New spelling lists will be provided on a MONDAY ready for a test the following MONDAY morning. The children have been taught many different strategies to help them practice their spellings at home.


Home Learning:

We currently live in uncertain times, and it may be necessary (in-line with COVID guidelines and restrictions) for whole classes or individual children to isolate at times. 

We hope to make the switch between school-learning and home-learning as easy as possible for our Giraffe Class. 

With this in mind, each child in the class has had a letter containing their individual HWB and CLASS DOJO Log-in details.

HWB CLASSES is a new platform for our Giraffes to use, which is accessed via the HWB website. 

Children have been shown how to access work this way, but can also use CLASS DOJO if they feel more comfortable using that.

If the whole class has to close, Mrs Strong and Mrs Hook will post daily tasks on both HWB CLASSES and CLASS DOJO to be completed.

In addition to this, if your child has to isolate but do not feel unwell, they can access a 'My Area' PROJECT.  This project will provide your child with a week of learning activities about the area in which they live.  It is suggested that children complete 3 tasks per day, 1 English, 1 Maths and 1 general activity linked to the theme. 

If you have any questions regarding home-learning, then please check in with Mrs Strong or Mrs Hook.

Come and meet our Giraffe family

What a Wonderful World!

Can someone or something make a difference?

When we came back to school in September, the Giraffes used their PUPIL VOICE to try to give some answers to the above question. 

They came up with a whole host of wonderful things and people that they wanted to learn about. These included; war, natural disasters, relationships, terrorism, climate change, Betty Campbell, Sir Captain Tom Moore and Greta Thunberg. These are to name just a few! 

We picked up on these ideas and did lots of learning for Recycling Week. We looked at the impact of flooding and the Water Cycle. We studied Black History month and we looked at the impact of war during the week of Remembrance. We read a wonderful book called 'The Last Polar Bear' as our class novel which highlighted the impact of climate change on these graceful animals. We did a lot of activities that would fit into the HUMANITIES Area of Learning, as well as ensuring that we looked after our children's Health and Well-Being.


For Spring Term we have asked the question:

What else and who else can make a difference?


Once again, we asked our Giraffes to get their thinking caps on, and use their PUPIL VOICE.  

This time, they were far more creative in their thinking! From a creative point of view, the pupils started to wonder how things like music, art, dance and sport can make a difference, and how sleep and healthy eating can make a difference from a Health and Wellbeing perspective. They also wanted to research the culture of Wales, and what difference this has had on the people that live there. With St David's Day fast approaching, this line of inquiry could not be any be more perfect.

Watch this space for news and photos of our continuing learning journey. There may be a few surprises on the way too!